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The cow said, "Moo!" and the hen said "Cluck!" "Hiss!" said the goose and "Quack" said the duck. "Neigh" said the horse. "Oink!" said the hog. "Baa!" said the sheep and "Woof!" said the dog. A lovely bright design that any bub will love, especially boys.

The ALEX&ANT drink flask is manufactured from high quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel and is FDA approved. Our drink flasks are 100% recyclable and are BPA free.

Perfect for day-care, kindy, school or a day out, your child will love the fresh, crisp taste of water and you won’t hear as many requests for sugary drinks whilst you’re out and about.

The Sippy combines the benefits of the stainless steel flask with the addition of an easy-to-clean sippy mouthpiece helping older babies to learn to drink independently. Babies of this age (from around 8-10 months) love to grip things with their newfound strength & coordination so not only do the cups provide stimulation, they bridge the gap between drinking from a teat and a standard cup.

Of course, the ALEX&ANT Sippy is as design-conscious as it is health-conscious with a matching colour of mouthpiece and handle, like no other on the market.  Available in one never-before-seen design “Jungle Circus”, and two of our best-selling drink flask designs “Farm” & “Lovebirds”.

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