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Monday Madness


Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Is your daughter dance crazy? We still have stock of our stunning ballet-inspired pieces in our webstore.

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The ALEX&ANT love affair with the bow and the ribbon will always shine through our collections, it is such an elegant gesture. A staple element of french couture and ready-to-wear, one is never too young or too old to appreciate its classic form.

Much like the girl who wears a bow can be perceived as a lady, the bow tie on men suggests some breeding or intellect coupled with a “geek chic” appeal that is so “Gossip Girl” & “Glee” right now.

Bows are so very charming and are guaranteed to elicit a smile.

We still have plenty of these iconic pieces available in our webstore and they will never date. Pick up something for the remainder of Winter or buy the next size for next year!

~ Fleur

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Monday, May 2nd, 2011

As you all know, we love simplicity and elegance here at ALEX&ANT. However, that doesn’t mean that decoration is out of the question it just has to be very ‘considered’.

You cannot deny a girl some ruffles, frills or a the prettiness of lace. The way we choose to do it is by limiting the other factors that can turn it from subtle & sophisticated to blatant & busy e.g. too many colours, fabrics or trims combined in the one garment. It leaves us more time to select the best fabrics for comfort & wear and to focus on the fit. In our experience, anything that’s an afterthought never makes it to production so this frees us up to design the collection without looking back.

Amazing that we can have such clarity of vision in one pursuit and in other areas of our lives things head totally off target!

Love Fleur x

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Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Alex & Ant Smock dress with lace bodice from Baby’s Got Style

Halloween party invitation by Invite With Style

Alex & Ant Pirate stainless steel drink bottle from Rocket Rascals

Belle & Boo print from Lark

Alex & Ant Bat & Moon romper from Chic Mother & Baby

Halloween Hoots & Howls by Joan Horten from Dymocks

Knitted pumpkin rattle from Lark

Alex & Ant Necklace tee from Chic Mother & Baby

Alex & Ant Bubble Skirt with Bow from My Baby Rocks

Bat necklace coming soon to Little Salon with two stores in VIC

Martha Stewart craft punch in large spider from Martha Stewart

Boo! treat bag from Scissors.Paper.Cake featured on the Imprintables blog

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Sunday, October 17th, 2010

I’ve been to blogging school (really!) so I thought I would attempt to employ some of the techniques I’ve learned.  Photo shoots are full of wonderful images that you probably wouldn’t choose as a ‘hero’ shot, but provide you with fabulous, fun pics that tell the story of the day.  It seems such a shame to archive them, so here’s a little montage I put together.  We had babies trying to escape, staring at walls, lifting up their skirts, pulling down/up their tops, jump-rope mayhem and wizzy dizzy antics to keep the smiles coming.

Hope it makes you smile.

Love Fleur X

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Monday, May 24th, 2010

Today we tried to share a day together (minus husband) without spending any money.  I wouldn’t normally sacrifice my sanity for the sake of saving money, but it just didn’t seem as important to go out for a babycino or drop by a stockist and inevitably pick something up for the kids – they always need another pair of tights or a replacement beanie for the one we left at the park etc…My local Alex&Ant stockist is I Am Kidz in Avalon, NSW, where Jo carries a wonderful assortment of brands.  She’s located near to the library, Woolworths and Baker’s Delight so the gravitational pull is difficult to resist.  However, today we did!

Olive, Zac and I took a walk and admired the neighbourhood, had a swing a the park and returned home for lunch and Olive’s sleep.  I’d defrosted some chicken sausages for dinner so I thought, why not cook a couple for lunch and simply serve them differently? (They didn’t notice.)  Once Olive was sleeping soundly, Zac and I made some oat, raisin and choc chunk biscuits – the recipe will feature on this week’s Feed Me Friday Blog – and did some drawing together.  Once Olive was awake it was game-on with a nappy box and we tucked into those yummy biscuits.

Ok, so by 4pm I’d lost enthusiasm for this Monday Madness concept and it certainly isn’t sustainable – Zac just didn’t understand why, when ‘Chuggington’ seems to be the only program we see when we turn on ABC Kids, that he couldn’t rent a new DVD.  And, of course, we’d filled up on too many biscuits.  Oh well, it was something new to try and (prior to 4pm when the same old feeling came around – wine, please!) we probably spent more concentrated quality time together than in a normal weekday.  Come to think of it, we also avoided a tantrum in public. Cheers to that!

Love Fleur x

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Monday, May 17th, 2010

My beautiful sister-in-law is going to give birth to her 6th child today, tomorrow, definitely by Wednesday.  To some of you, this alone would rate as madness and I could end my post here! Of course she’s incredibly relaxed about the process, but I’ve been going a little mad purchasing Alex&Ant wraps of every design and colourway, trying to compose a lovely message to engrave on the Alex&Ant My First Pearl Bracelet (given it’s a girl), deciding between Fur lined Booties or Cowboy Booties and cooking meals for the family including some options for 9-yr-old Levi who is a vegetarian.  So little time!!!

Love Fleur x

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a camera…

If you have a 3-4 yr old I can highly recommend amusing yourselves with your computer camera and a program such as Photo Booth (Mac). Making a goose of yourself unleashes the full belly laugh and harnesses that ‘don’t take life too seriously’ philosophy. It also keeps vanity at bay!  What’s better is that it’s highly addictive.

Love Fleur x

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