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Tulle Be Mine

Tulle Be Mine

Tulle is a truly magical textile - it's lightness and elegance make it synonymous with femininity. 

It was the artisans of the town of Tulle, in the heart of France, who were the first to produce this fabric around the 1700s. The modern-day tulle was first produced in England after John Heathcoat developed the bobbinet machine in 1809.

In 1840 Queen Victoria went to the altar with a white, fluffy dress adorned with lace; and since then tulle has been synonymous with wedding dresses. Then came the tulle dress worn by classic dancers: the famous tutu, made up of layers and layers of ethereal tulle. What followed next was the fashion of the hat with a veil, worn by elegant ladies during the Belle Epoque and born of the talents of English F. Worth, a Parisian high society tailor.  This revered tailor arrived upon the success of tulle layers which, combined with a stiff petticoat, added richness and breadth to skirts and dresses.

In 1954, the black and white dress worn by Grace Kelly in the Hitchcock film “Rear Window” was a three quarter length draped skirt, made with layers of chiffon and tulle. The dress designed by Edith Head remains as one of the most famous costumes in film history, as well as a fashion icon. I think perhaps tulle came to the attention of our generation when Carrie Bradshaw appeared in the opening credits of "Sex and the City" walking down the street wearing a layered tulle skirt with a simple tank, only to be splashed by water by a passing taxi. Carrie is a modern day fashion icon and here at Alex & Ant we love her spirit!  

I don't know a little girl who doesn't feel beautiful, feminine and playful wearing a little tulle....enjoy our designs.

With love xo 




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