The ALEX&ANT team strongly believes now is the time to start shopping more consciously. With the fashion industry being the second biggest polluter in the world its time to start buying from brands that focus on the future of our planet that support practices such as plastic free production and postage, chemical free manufacturing, ethical fabric sourcing and fair trade work environments.
We are so happy to announce that ALEX&ANT is now walking a little bit lighter and cleaner on our planet. We have moved to packaging all items in 100% bio-degradable and compostable poly bags which can be recycled with paper or because they breakdown naturally they can be put into your compost bin. We are committed to continuing our substantiality journey and inspiring others that small changes have a big impact. This season alone, we will save more than 10,000 plastic bags from going to landfill. We all have the power for positive change and it's empowering to be part of the drive to change our thinking and the future of our world!

We have recently introduced some natural plant based fabric dyes into our collections. From beetroots and blueberries, to walnuts and coffee beans we are creating the most beautiful colours from these natural dyes.